Friday, November 6, 2009

Jogja Java Carnival 2009

Jogja Java Carnival Glorious Party in the City

Jogja Java Carnival Glorious Party CityHow many times you'll see a carnival in your life? For me, there is only one. It happened yesterday evening at Jogja Java Carnival (JJC), I was a fan for a parade. It is worth enough to wait more than an hour carnival. "Hello, I miss my old-time hero. I called Java Superhero Gatutkaca," I said to myself. You know, sometimes a carnival every hero there to attract people to come. Carnival is like a gateway to remind me again, nothing less. This is such a good time to Reunion, as were young. There is no daily routine. There is no traffic jam, you should pass. There is no need to pay the bill. Life is so much fun and everyday is a holiday. Is not that so?

In JJC at least 1000 artists in the South came to Jogjakarta and Solo. Festival held to mark the 253rd Birthday Jogjakarta City. It is said that there was a big parade of the royal family while they are moving, I Sultan, New Palace, it was 253 years ago. Hundreds of soldiers, servants of the Prince and Princess Ambarketawang moved to the Palace to Palace Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat. But now it is replaced by the art of carnival. Artist parade dressed up and acting seem like a strange creature, it seems strange but beautiful details. Yes, the whole street became a theater stage. Dynamic movement, colorful fashion, unique wardrobe and a good rhythm, music was a parade of South Street. Abu Bakar Ali carnival started the car park, and terminating the Alun-Alun Utara. Brings together 22 artists, some of which use a large vehicle, some were walking and the other was used for cycling. Most interested in was a big 'wayang' puppet shadow play, it puts a large truck, was a woman standing near wayang, another woman had to sit down with a cloth painting of white wax.

At 7, the parade moved on. It is time for you more and more tension, if you look at Carnival. Give your living room for more Breathe deeply and pleasantly be socialized. And it is boring for a little chit chat with others. As the JJC, the little boy sat closed. He told me that his father, "Dad, do you know how the appearance of a giant puppet. Is it a green, yellow or purple? Is it scary?" The man behind is definitely not understand what is meant by her boyfriend. "Yes, it can be. Or, as the last carnival. But it's not scary. This is funny." I just imagine that the carnival together and make them little debate. Suddenly, a group of queer dance was from the south, they sang "Play para waria membangun Yogyakarya tercinta (we have a fag with a built in Jogjakarta city)." They wore kebaya, Indonesian women dress in modern style. Their dance was so proud of the high heels!
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